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Answering customers needs with the power of synthesis

By synthesizing and collaborating the three divisions, logistics, overseas and life, we are able to grow into
a better company as a whole by learning from each other. The different voices and opinions based on the
latest trends by the specialists in each division are brought to the table, which enable us to feed back their
informations to each division properly.

Logistics Division Overseas Division Life Division
One for All, All for One Support
With high quality of knowledge and service we are ready to answer to tomorrow's needs.
Overseas Business Division

From importing to exporting, we are
pioneering to establish the most suitable
trade solution system considering the
good environment at global standard
by networking and linking the sea to the

From packaging to arrival and shipment,
we answer to our customers needs
inclusively and comprehensively.

Providing reliable, flexible and detailed
services to Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and

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